The Infamous political trick who is also known as Nelson mandela’s wife, known to the general public as Graca Machel, but in political circles she is known as ” Cabinet Ho” according to a close source who says she is back at it again with her frivolous ways.

Graca was spotted this weeked leaving The Hague prison cells, it is alledged that Cabinet Ho was on a conjugal visit to see Liberian war lord Charles “allstar Chucky” Taylor. It is said that Taylor has stong rapport with the prison guards and favours are done in exchange for blood diamonds naomi Cambell gossip. it is also alledged that Gracas affars with Chucky were also sparked by a hint of payback on Graca’s part because Samora Machel and Chucky taylor were bitter foosball enemies.

Graca was seen leaving the Hague dressed in a maroon floral skirt from Queenspark, just before she entered her black BMW x5 she unhinged her panties from her ass crack and straightened her bra.

It is rumoured that Cabinet Ho’s infidelities are not infact infidelities but that Mandela has been watching a bit too much of Nip/Tuck, like when Michelles dying husband forces her to have sex with Christian while he watches, but many sources also belive that this has to do with the Satanic Church affiliation Mandela holds once he signed a deal with the devil to escape from prison, hence the prison number 46664.


~ by kaffirface on May 17, 2010.

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