These are strange times for the world, famine, war, natural disasters but there’s quite nothing like a man giving birth.

It has come to the attention of the art fag trying not to be an art fag media that Jack Parow is actually the son of Tumi from Tumi and the volume (The hippie joburg rap shit). What most people have often thought was a lump of fat on Tumi’s back was not  a fanny pack of cellulite but it the fully grown foetus of Jack Parrow, which according to a reliable source wrote Tumi’s rhymes for his whole career.

Tumi was given a ceserean section in a private hospital in Soweto where he demanded deep fried bio slim tablets and chicken feet flavoured ice cream as a substitute for an epideral.

Now it Looks like Jack just got his Hout Bay priviledges revoked now that people find out his pops is an overweight baboon and that people used to think Jack was a continental pillow case stuffed with sausages hidden  inside of Tumi’s shirt…and  he wasnt even born yet. What a shame.


~ by kaffirface on May 5, 2010.

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